Are you suffering from a plateau, unexplained weight gain, low energy?

Welcome to the Hormone Magic Transformation Programme

I will help you to learn how to balance your hormones and lose weight with a combination of nutrition, supplementation & lifestyle changes finally take control of your life, happiness and health

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Hormone Magic Transformation Programme gives you all of the tools you need to balance your hormones, lose weight and live the life your deserve through nutrition, supplementation & lifestyle tweaks


A Plan based on YOU

A step by step plan to heal your hormones begin to lose weight, including hormone review to establish a baseline of where you are now and where you want to be that fits into your schedule

One to One Coaching 

I will hand hold you through the process & give you the motivation to get you results you've always dreamed of. o make sure you’re staying on top of your program, and being kind to yourself along the way. (Non-negotiable.)

Group Coaching & Training sessions

Get access to a kick arse community of women that are going through the same as you. Get support with taking the nexts steps. These sessions will include online and /offline exercise sessions.

Customised Movement & Nourishment Planning

Get an individualised hormone weight loss plan to address your hormonal issue that takes into account movement, nutriton & lifestyle.


I would not hesitate in recommending Jackie. After piling on the pounds post first baby I needed a serious kick start to my approach to healthier living and weight loss.
She has been working with me to lose the extra weight and more than that have a better relationship with food and fitness.
I initially started out wanting to do just 3 months with Jackie but I would wholeheartedly recommend a minimum of 6 months if not longer. Jackie has the perfect balance when it comes to motivating you to keep on going - she holds you accountable when you need it as well as letting you listen to your body when you need to.
Following her plan and small lifestyle changes has reaped HUGE results in terms of body shape, weight, body fat percentage and eating habits. She knows her stuff and explains the science behind why certain behaviours are advised or not which I found to be really helpful in maintaining my newly formed habits vs. stopping after a while as I have done previously. Its been really refreshing to understand the rationale behind WHY you should do certain things.
I have also completed a health coaching course with Jackie alongside training with her and have found this invaluable in helping refocus my attention on my relationship with food and how best to address this to ensure I am functioning at my optimal for most of the time. From things like chewing each mouthful mindfully through to understanding why I reach for those unhealthy treats, her approach to better health is genuinely eye opening and makes it much easier to integrate into daily life vs. a course you do once and then forget about.
Jackie you are a superstar and I cannot thank you enough for getting me out of my 'mama' funk and making me healthier and leaner for myself and my little one.


Kitzy Sutherland

“My problem before I started working with Jackie was my sleep pattern was all over the place and I felt fatigued even when I exercised. What I though was a small problem was actually had a massaive negative impact on my mental and physcial health. I previously exercised regularly and ate particularly well but this ever had a positive effect on my sleep that I need it too. I still struggled to get to sleep, stay asleep or get back to sleep. After working with Jackie the result was 8 - 9 hours of amazing restful night sleep every night! This has had a huge positive impact on my mental wellbeing. What started out as a physical challenge naturally progressed into mental and emotional journey. (I'm sure this was planned all along by Jackie's guidance but it felt natural and I reach these answers on my own)For too long I had not been putting some of my main basic needs first, my mind was always too busy to stop and rest. One of the best things about it was having a few people within a closed group. This meant in our weekly group sessions it gave each of us time to speak but equally the sense of feeling that we were not alone with our struggles. I would 100% recommend working with Jackie. I can't thank her enough for working with me and having such a huge positive impact on my life. I never really known there was a link betwen my PCOS and my weight and wellbeing. I have learnt so much from Jacki, for years I had been working auto pilot and now I have taken a much needed step back and I can see where I have been going wrong and what I need to do to fix it but most importantly how to fix it

Kelly Dorrington





I'm Jackie: a Hormone Health & Fitness Coach. I was diagnosed with PCOS 12 years ago and have been managing symptoms with nutrition and lifestyle changes with ease, I haven't looked back since! I've found joy able to help others to be able to manage there own symptoms and lose the dreaded weight gain that can come with having a hormonal imbalance. I'm confident that this programme will help you take from your first steps and beyond towards your dream you.

Jackie Grant


There’s no better time to direct and control your hormone health and weight gain than right now.

The Hormone Magic Transformation Programme will give you the tools to start to make from struggling to feeling happy in your body again.. Don’t put your life on hold.